The Florence Residences site is an irregular shaped plot of land flanked by two roads, Hougang Avenue 2 to its north, and Florence Road on its west. Beyond Florence Road is Kovan Estate, a sprawling low-rise landed housing neighbourhood. This comprises a hotch-podge of one to three storey terrace, semi-detached, and detached houses that stretch west, and south-west of the site.

Across Hougang Avenue 2, on the north-east is People’s Garden at Realty Park, again a landed housing estate, but on a smaller scale than for Kovan Estate. Directly north is Hougang Stadium and Swimming Complex.

To the east of the Florence Residences condominium is a HDB precinct, while at its south is a low-rise block of apartments and Serangoon Junior College.

What this means is that easily three-quarters of the frontages of the Florence Residence site will have unblocked views. Mid to high floor outward facing units will overlook either the stadium, or the landed estates, or the junior college. Apart from the views, there should be good wind flows and breezes too.